BEEKLEY Elequil aromatabs® Lavender-Sandalwood 370

Elequil aromatabs® Lavender-Sandalwood 370

Elequil aromatabs, aromatherapy designed for the clinical setting – Relax, relieve, refresh with Elequil aromatabs – 100% pure essential oils in a unique controlled delivery system. The perfect addition to any healthcare or palliative care setting, Elequil aromatabs help improve quality of care as a complementary health approach and assist in your efforts to provide a more pleasant experience for patients, residents, family members, and staff.*

Lavender-Sandalwood (Lavandula angustifolia-Santalum album) is top note1 essential oil combined with a base note essential oil. This scent can last anywhere between 8 hours and 1 week. 

A note represents volatility rate at which the essential oil evaporates classified into top, middle, and/or base notes.

*70% of hospitals rank patient experience and satisfaction as one of their top 3 priorities for the next 3 years
Source: Beryl Institute

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